About Us

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Who we are?

GTS is an organized market oriented company with an effective sale, support and service operations.

The company is also involved in the innovation and introduction of new products following the international advanced technology and great high quality products, with quality staff for providing the after sales services which is our achievement and of course our life line. Form start it work with vision to acquire product range after continuous market research to cope with changing market trend and customer requirements.

The company has developed and strengthened fast due to its innovative products, facing the domestic and world market ad owning the advantages of talents, equipment’s, business channels and prestige over others, which have been hailed by a lot of multinational and national companies in Pakistan.

We are pioneer with so many products which were first to introduce in the market.

Company based on system driven business processes and acquiring modern business tools with approaches of continuous improvement in all aspects which gives us edge over competition.

Over the time there has been rapid horizontal vertical and diversification in product line which aim to provide customer with quality product line with solutions from all the worlds with true after sales support and knowledge based.

Following are the different divisions in operation with related product line